CV 1200

Considerable experience in varied markets provides RISO with insights on customer requirements across the world. CV series from RISO is the result of these valuable insights and RISO's in-house R&D. It provides all the benefits that our customers desire including cost- and time-saving combined with ease of operation, superior print quality and a user-friendly design. The CV series delivers Customer Value, like no other equipment in its class.
The CV1200 provides high-speed printing of up to 100 ppm which means 500 pages in just 5 minutes.
The paper trays have a capacity of approx. 1000 sheets for feeding and approx. 800 sheets for receiving, which ensures uninterrupted printing over a longer period. Note: The paper capacity depends on paper type.
LED panel is clearer to view and easier to operate.

Inbuilt USB PC interface enables easy connection to a PC.

Four image-processing modes: Line, Photo, Duo, and Pencil are selectable.
Automatically compensates for newspaper originals or originals made on recycled paper, removing the background greyness so your output always has a clear, white background.
The CV series accepts a wide range of paper types including recycled paper. The CV series accepts a wide range of paper types including recycled paper.
Easy operation with preset buttons. Just press your required size, it's fail-proof.
Recognizes master and ink information by two-way communication with attached RF tag and adjusts the performance automatically. This contributes to quality stability and improvement. It also supports inventory control of consumables.
- 2-Up printing Reduces paper by printing two originals onto one sheet of paper. - Direct printing No need to prepare an original before printout.Direct data processing prevents paper wastage.
Energy system with low power consumption. The CV series consumes 1/10th the energy, compared with ENERGY STAR®guidelines. * ENERGY STAR qualified and RoHS certified * Complies with the ErP directive in Europe